Maglok is a New Zealand trademark brand.
Global Procurement Supplied Ltd is the New Zealand agent.
Trade Innovations Ltd is the sole marketing agent.
Dragonboard® is a US patented, UL approved fire resistant, water resistant, mould resistant, high impact interior and exterior construction panel. For further reference please visit: or

Maglok is proud to be recognised as a high performer product, contributing to the high performer building mark of quality.



Maglok™ Dragonboard® (MgSo4) does NOT require stainless fixings. Use corrosion protected cement board type fixings (grade3 galv).

Fixing into timber:   Recommended Simpson Strong-Tie 8G x50mm WSNTLG2SA collated screws or single screws.
Fixing into steel: Recommended Simpson Strong-Tie 10G x50mm CBSDGL158SA collated screws
Fixing  for fire rated floors:  Refer to technical information online.

Ensure all fixings are located:

• 12mm minimum from all butt edges.
• 50mm minimum from all corners and the shiplap joint.
• 200mm centres along all joists.


Maglok™ Dragonboard® to be installed on construction is accordance with the below NZS standards.

  • Construction of timber framing must be in accordance with NZS 3604 – Timber-framed buildings
  • Construction of steel framing must be in accordance with NZ standards

It is always advised that the level of supporting framing be checked prior to installation for accuracy to ensure a level platform to install the flooring.

Ensure nogs are firmly connected to the joists and are dry as this can cause floors to creak under load.



Color: Cream/white
1800 x 1200 x 20mm
Suitable for 600mm & 450mm joist spacings
2000x 1200 x 20mm
Suitable for 400mm joist spacings


Sheets should be kept under a cover if long periods between delivery and installation. Dry sheets are easier to lay and weigh less.
Like many materials, Maglok™ Dragonboard® will absorb moisture during construction. This will have no effect on the performance of the board and it will dry to its normal weight.

RESPIRATORY AND EYE PROTECTION: Wearing of dust masks, eye protection, and ear protection is recommended when cutting or drilling Maglok™ Dragonboard®. These should be used in compliance with the BCA and ASTM standards. HAZARD: Maglok™ Dragonboard® contains fiberglass mesh.


  • Glue is only required on the shiplap joint, however to support joists and nogs constructed from solid timber that can be damp or wet during construction, it is suggested that the sheets are glued to the joists and any nogs to assist in reducing possible movement between the joist and nog that could result in a creak caused by fixings or tension between the joist and nog.
  • The 1800mm and 2000mm long sides of the sheets are ship lapped to avoid the use of nogs.
  • The ship lap is to be glued. Recommended glue is Gorilla Grip expanding polyurethane or Sika SuperGrip® 30 Minute expanding polyurethane.
  • The 1200mm ends of the sheets must be joined on the center of the joist.
  • Sheets are fitted SANDED SIDE UP. However, to save waste, to complete the floor the sheet can be reversed to accept the ship lap
  • Sheets can be fitted to a square or staggered (brick pattern) layout, but must be staggered for tiled or vinyl finishes.
  • Where waterproofing is required, ensure butt joints have a 2mm cap between them. These are filled by the waterproofing system prior to the application of the primer and waterproofing membrane.

Water Proofing and Tile Installation

  • Recommended is the Cemix water proofing and adhesive system.
  • All tiled areas should be primed/sealed with Cemix Cemseal WB.
  • Waterproof with Tile Bond Latex/Rubberguard (and associated tapes)
  • Tiling over Rubberguard or for non-wet area:
    Refer to
  • When using white grout:
    Use Tile Bond Latex/ wallset white/ flexible grout
  • When using grey grout:
    Use Tile Bond Latex/Floor Tile Adhesive/Flexible Grout

Vinyl Sheeting Installation

Vinyl Planks, Cushion Backed Vinyl, Timber Flooring

  • These can be installed requiring less or no surface preparation depending on the surface or the backing.
  • If the flooring is not a floating floor and requires gluing, see below:
  • Recommended glue system for Timber:
    Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick
  • Recommended glue for vinyl planks:
    Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick LF


Use the long-nail version of smooth edge



Flexural modulus 7.51 X 106KPa ASTM D6109
Flexural strength 7.205 X 103KPa ASTM D6109
Compressive strength 2.07 X104KPa ASTM C684
Shear strength 2.7 X 103KPa ASTM D6109
Flamespread 0 ASTM E84
Smoke developed 0 ASTM E84
Smoke density None ASTM E662 not req.
Moisture content 8% GB/T 160-1997 (China)
Impact resistance 2.237Nm GB/T 7019-1997 (China)
Thermal insulation R-value – 1.2/inch GB/T 7019-1997 (China)
Fungus/mold Non-nutrient ASTM G21
Smoke Nontoxic ASTM E662


Panel 12” (305mm) oc 16” (406mm) oc 24” (610mm) oc
7/16” (11.1 mm) 1366 psf 751 psf 336 psf
9/16″ (14.3 mm) 2609 psf 1470 psf 654 psf

Above recommendations based on a maximum allowable flexural stress of 1000 psi.


Drop height Unclamped edges Clamped edges
12” (305 mm) Hairline cracking Hairline cracking
6” (152 mm) Superficial cracking Superficial cracking


  Joist Spacing
Deflection 12” (305mm) 16” (406mm) 19.2” (488mm) 24” (610mm)
L/240 924 psf 393 psf 225 psf 110 psf
L/360 609 psf 257 psf 149 psf 81 psf
L/480 462 psf 193 psf 112 psf 62 psf


7/16” (11.1 mm) panel 461/foot
9/16” (14.3 mm) panel 646/foot
3/4” (19.1 mm) panel 1200/foot

Above recommendations based on a safety factor of 4. The use of a T-shaped spline 1/2” (12.7 mm) high with 1” (25.4 mm) wings on both sides is recommended for panels 9/16” (14.3 mm) thick, or heavier, used for subflooring. Contact DragonBoard  for suggested materials.